Professor of Cultural Studies

Liberal Arts Department

Berklee College of Music

1140 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02215




Professor, Liberal Arts Department, Berklee College of Music      2012-present

Associate Professor, Liberal Arts Department, Berklee College of Music   2004-2012

Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts Department, Berklee College of Music   2001-2004

Visiting Scholar, Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies, Emerson College    1998-2001

Assistant Professor, Department of English and Journalism, Western Illinois University    1995-1998



Ph.D.  Indiana University, English and American Studies, 1994

M.A.    Indiana University, English , 1990

M.A.    Boston College, American Studies , 1989

          American Literature & American History

B.A.    Colby College, Waterville, Maine , 1985

            Majors: English and Economics

Year abroad: University of York, England, Politics and Sociology



“Henry Tate Said.” (2016) [2:39] Animated short. Fusion. http://www.fusionmagazine.org/henry-tate-said


“ShadowPlay” Interactive Art Installation. Leap, Kinect, Wii Balance Board + Oculus Rift Iteration, BTOT, Berklee College of Music (January 2015). http://www.lorilanday.com/shadow


HouseSmarts or, Domestic Technology 2.1 (2014) [3:25] Animated short. An official selection of the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival. http://lorilanday.com/housesmarts/





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"Sound, Embodiment, and the Experience of Interactivity in Video Games & Virtual Environments." A

Presentation at Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, March 2013. Paper &



"What's the Big Idea? Flipping the Classroom, MOOCs, and Other Recent Tech Developments." Workshop. BTOT

(Berklee Teachers on Teaching), Berklee College of Music, Boston, January 2013. Website.


"Virtually There: Presence, Agency, Spectatorship, and Performance in Interactive Media." A Presentation at

Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference, Boston, March 2012. Paper


"Virtual Transitions: A Report from a Shifting Field: Virtual Art on & in the Unstable Platform."Presentation,

Media in Transition 7: unstable platforms: the promise and peril of transition, MIT, Cambridge, MA, April

2011. Paper.


"Play! A Game/Workshop from a Ludic Perspective." Workshop in form of a multi-player game, with original

machinima cut scenes. BTOT (Berklee Teachers on Teaching), Berklee College of Music, Boston, January 2011.


 "Virtual Subjectivity." Presentation, Immersive Education Iniative Media Grid Summit, Boston College, April

2010.  "I Love Ricky: Desi Arnaz, the Latin Music Craze, & Representations of the Other in I Love Lucy.モ

Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference, Los Angeles, March 2010.


"Welcome to Berklee." Mixed Reality Presentation, Entering Student Convocation, Berklee College of Music.

January  2010,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxjOyRSxDXg


"Virtual Berklee? A Mixed Reality Event at Berklee College of Music & in Second Life" With Jon

Lester/Pathfinder Linden, Robert Thoman/Dizzy Banjo, Grace Buford/Cylindrian Rutabaga, Andrew

Woolf/Gaius Luminos, & Perry Geier/Perry Genna (of Fierce Tibetan Gods) and your faciliator in both

realities, Lori Landay/L1Aura Loire. Berklee Teachers on Teaching, January 2010.


Tour of "The Future of Virtual Subjectivity, a Virtual Art Installation by L1Aura Loire." Presentation at Fiteiro

Cultural in Second Life, shown live at Mercosul Biennial of Porto Alegre, Brazil, November 2009.


"Virtual Art, Virtual Subjectivity.モ Presentation at National Writer's Union Digital Media Conference,

Northeastern University, Boston, October 2009.


"The Future of Virtual Subjectivity, a Virtual Art Installation by L1Aura Loire." Presentation at Fiteiro

Cultural in Second Life, shown live at Utopics Swiss Sculpture Exhibition, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, August



"Virtual Art, Virtual Aura."Presentation for Panel Discussion, Brooklyn Is Watching Best of Year One

Festival.  Jack the Pelican Presents Gallery.  Brooklyn, NY, July 2009.


"Virtual KinoEye: Mutability, Kinetic Camera, Machinima, and Virtual Subjectivity in Second Life." Paper, Media

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Keynote Presentation, "Digital Transformations and Conversions in Art- Web 2.0 and Beyond: Virtual

Subjectivity," NMC (New Media Consortium) Symposium on New Media and Learning, in the virtual world

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Interview with Ray Kurzweil onstage as part of his Keynote Presentation. Berklee Teachers on Teaching, Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA, January 2009.


"Representing the Crowd: From Silent Film to Digital Cinema." Paper, Media in Transition 5: Creativity,

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"Techno-topophilia: Phenomenology, Narrative, and Representations of Virtual Space."   Paper, Technotopias:

Texts, Identities, and Technological Cultures, an international conference at the   University of Strathclyde,

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"Storm Warnings: The Weather Channel, Digital Narrative, and Techno-Mediated Fantasies of Nature."

Invited participant, Paideia Retreat on Technology, Globalisation, and Culture, The Quetico Center, Ontario,

Canada, August 2001.


“Building Communities: Using New Media Technologies in Classroom Teaching.” Workshop, Instructional Design Institute. Emerson College, July 2001.


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“The Disappearing Act: Passing, Race, and Female Trickery.” Paper, Modern Language Association Annual Convention.  Chicago, December 1999.


The Jazz Age Gaze: Looking at the Flapper Film. Creative documentary and presentation.  University Film and Video Association.  Boston, MA, August 1999.


“The Power of the Glance: Jazz Age Media Industries and the Flapper.”  Paper and video collage, Society for Cinema Studies National Conference, West Palm Beach, Florida, April 1999.


“Economics and Erotics: The Flapper and the Jazz Age Culture Industries.”  Paper and video collage, British Association for American Studies Annual Conference, University of Glasgow, March 1999.


“Please Don’t Throw Me in the Briar Patch: The Trickster and Multicultural Identity.”  Paper, Third Annual Perspectives on Race, Identity, Sexuality, and Multiculturalism (PRISM) Conference, Emerson College, February 1999.


“Topophilia and the Garden Ethic: Experience and the Pedagogy of Place.”  Paper, Representing Place: A Conference on Literature, Language, and the Arts, Northern Arizona University, November 1998.


“Dancing Across the Color Line: Race and Performance in Mae West’s I’m No Angel and Josephine Baker’s Princess Tam Tam.”  Paper, Society for Cinema Studies National Conference, La Jolla, CA, April 1998.


“’It Is Good to Be Shifty’: The Trickster in Mid-Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture.” Paper, Folklore and Literature discussion group panel at the Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Toronto, December 1997.


“When Film Heroines Go Public, Why Do They Go ‘Bad?’”  Session organizer and Chair, roundtable discussion, American Studies Association Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., October 1997.


“Lessons from the Trickster: Interdisciplinarity and American Cultural Studies.”  Paper, British Association for American Studies Annual Conference, University of Birmingham, UK, March 1997.


“Doin’Culture: Mae West as Eve in a 1937 Radio Sketch.”  Paper, American Culture Association Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, March 1996.


“Liminal Lucy: Turner, the Trickster, and Postwar Domestic Ideology.”  Paper, Society for Cinema Studies National Conference, Dallas, March 1996.


“Getting ‘It’: Elinor Glyn, Clara Bow, and the ‘Common Ground’ of Female Sexuality.”  Paper, American Studies Association Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, November 1995.


“Gwendolyn Bennett in Paris.”  Paper based on research conducted with a Women’s Studies Research Grant, Black History Month Presentation, Women’s Studies Program, Indiana University, March 1991.


“Crossroads: Gwendolyn Bennett and the Canonization of the Harlem Renaissance.”  Paper, North Central Women's Studies Association Conference, Bloomington, IN, November 1989.



Liberal Arts Department

Digital Narrative Theory & Practice (LHUM 433)

What Is Being? (LHUM 400) (Funded by a NEH Enduring Questions Grant)

Artistry, Creativity, & Inquiry (LHUM-100)

Technology, Self, & Society (LMSC P-240)

Approaches to Visual Culture (LAHS 333)

Culture, Diversity, & Artistry (LSOC 231)

The Jazz Age (LCOR 112: College Writing 2)

The Nature of Technology (LCOR 112: College Writing 2)

Ways of Seeing (LCOR 111: College Writing 1)


Film Scoring Department

The Language of Film (FS 251)




Berklee Faculty Fellowship, "ShadowPlay" Interactive Installation, 2013-2014

National Endowment for the Humanities Enduring Questions Grant, "What Is Being?" (2010-2012)

Best of Show and People's Choice Awards, New Media Consortium (NMC) Summer Conference Art Show, "New

       Media Movies by Lori Landay," screened on the Multiscope, June 2012.

Cinemapop Award of Excellence for Innovation in Film, "Paths to Wisdom," 2012.

Best Machinimatography Award, ISTE 2012 Conference SIGVE group, for "Domestic Technology or, Never Alone." (2010) [5:39] Machinima video.

Special Award for Breaking the Barriers in The MachinimUWA IV: Art of The Artists Competition for

      "Transformation: Virtual Art on the Brink." (2011) [4:13] Mixed live footage and machinima video.

Mejor Obra De Investigación / Open This End Award of Excellence for Investigative Film for "Transformation:

Virtual Art on the Brink." (2011) [4:13] Mixed live footage and machinima video.

First Prize, University of Western Australia 3D Art Challenge, May 2011, "One and Four Timeboards" (virtual art installation)

Best Production, 2nd place, Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Machinima Contest, 2011. "Click: Immersive

 & Interactive Art." (2010) [3:02] Machinima video.

Special Award for Crossover Impact, University of Western Australia Machinima 2 Art of the Artists Contest, 2010.

      For "Click: Immersive & Interactive Art." (2010) [3:02] Machinima video.

Newbury Comics Faculty Fellowship, "Virtual Worlds," (2008-09)

Dean's Award for Excellence in the Professional Education Division, Interdisciplinary Teaching/Curriculum (2007)

Grand Marshal, Berklee College Commencement (2006)

Faculty Development Research Grant, Berklee College of Music (2004)

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar, (eight weeks) "Literature and the Visual Arts," Boston Athenaeum (June-August 2002)

University Research Council Grant, Western Illinois University (Spring 1998)

Faculty Development Mini-Grant, Western Illinois University (Spring 1998)

Nominee, Emerging Scholar Award, American Association of University Women (1998)

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar, (eight weeks), "The Dialectic of Enlightenment After Fifty Years," Boston University  (June-August 1997)

Faculty Development Summer Stipend for Research, Western Illinois University (1996)

Dissertation Year Fellowship, College of Arts and Sciences, Indiana University (1992-93)

Research Grant in Women's Studies, Indiana University (1990)





National Endowment for the Arts, Panelist, Grant Review (2013)

National Endowment for the Humanities, Panelist, Grant Review (2011)

Academic Advisory Board, CampusCruiser (2006-2010)

Linden Endowment for the Arts, Board Member (2010-2012), Advisor (2012-present)

Information Technology Officer, Society for Cinema and Media Studies (2002-2005)

Executive Committee Member, ex officio, Society for Cinema and Media Studies (2002-2005)

Member, Editorial Board,Jourmal of E-Media Studies( 2004-present)

Member, Editorial Board, Trickster's Way Journal (2001-present)

Information Technology Committee, Society for Cinema and Media Studies (1998-2002)

Executive Committee, Folklore and Literature, Modern Language Association (1999-2001)

American Departments of English Mock Interview Panel, MLA Annual Convention, Chicago (1995); Washington, D.C. (1996)


Berklee College of Music

Coordinator of TiLT (Technology in Learning and Teaching), Liberal Arts Department (2002-present)

Search Committee, Liberal Arts Chairperson (2011-13)

Faculty Advisor, Berklee Quidditch Team (2011-12)

Pilot Group, New Learing Management System (2011-12)

Learning Management System Evaluation Committee (2010-present)

Curriculum Development Committee for Contemporary Music History, new required course (2009)

Curriculum Development Committee for Professional Development Seminar, new required course


Curriculum Development Committee for Artistry, Creativity, & Inquiry Seminar, new required

     course (2008-09)

FYSAP (First Year Student Advising Program) Advisory Board (2006-2009)

Curriculum Initiative Review Steering Committee (2006-2008)

Faculty Development Advisory Committee, BTOT Planning (2002-2010)

Workshop Developer & Leader, Reboot Camp: Summer Workshops on Teaching with Technology


Presenter, "ReBoot: Using CampusCruiser," New Faculty Orientation (2003-2009)

TECH Committee, 2004-2009

Professional Education Division Committee (2002-2005)

Beta tester of custom edition of Campus Cruiser (2003)

Participant, Faculty Initiatives Project (2001-03)

Pilot program member, Berklee Portal (2002)


Emerson College

The Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies

Institute Advisory Committee (2000-01)

Institute Faculty Writing Workshop, Co-organizer and leader (1999-2000)

Planning Committee (1998-99)

Teaching Committee (1998-00)

Spring Symposium on メReplications,モ Co-coordinator (1998-99)


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College of Arts and Sciences Anniversary Committee (Spring 1998)

Special Projects Committee (Spring 1998)

Search Committee (Department Chair) (Fall 1997)

Co-chair, Cultural Studies Minor Development Committee (1995-98)

Graduate Committee (1997-98) Scheduling Committee (Spring 1997)

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Literary Criticism and Cultural Theory Area Committee (1995-98)

Search Committee (Non-Western Lit. and Cultural Studies), English Department (1996-97)


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Leadership 21 Living-Learning Program Steering Committee

(1995-1998) Leadership 21 Living-Learning Program Advisory

Board (1996-98) Search Committee (Faculty-in-Residence,

Leadership 21) (1996-97) Humanities Assessment Research Team

(HART) (1996-1997)



Faculty Advisor, WIU Film Society (1995-98)

Multicultural/Cross-Cultural Assessment Research Team (MCCART)

(1997-98) New Faculty Mentor (1997-98)