ChronoPed: A Steampunk Time Machine

Machinima is animation captured in real-time in a 3D game environment or virtual world. People (like me) build props and sets, and use other people's creations as well as the 3D environment in which to make their movies. I've made two movies that feature a "TimeBoard," a steampunk-inflected imaginary object that a character, Dr. Lumiere Glint, invented to surf the chronowaves. In this new movie, another Lumiere Glint, in a different, steampunk-era timeline, invents the ChronoPed. What will she do with it, and what happens when more than one Dr. Glint is out there on the chronowaves???

Music in this preview is "Those Grimy Little Stars" by the fabulous steampunk Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band

Check my youtube channel in late June for the finished film!