Dr. Lori Landay
Professor, Visual Culture and New Media
Liberal Arts Department
Berklee College of Music
1140 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02215

Office: Room 202, 7 Haviland
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voicemail: 617-747-2747
Twitter: @ProfLanday
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Lori Landay, Ph.D.
Exploring the making of meaning in visual culture & immersive media through creative and critical work


Interactive Media Art Installation

ShadowLoop playfully imagines Plato's Shadow as a trickster who breaks free of the bonds of representation. The interactive installation cascades different forms of media and interactivity to cast literal and metaphorical shadows on the relationships between actual and virtual, physical and digital, representation and simulation, freedom and control. In it, you use Kinect, Wii balance board, Leap Motion and sound to make Shadow run, dodge, and dance. Interact with video, audio, shadows, animation, and puppets.


New Media
Digital, virtual, interactive

Creative and scholarly work in and on new media, from conference papers and essays to virtual art, machinima, interactive installations, presentations, and links to other explorations of interactive, digital, and virtual media.


curricum vitae
Education, publications, presentations

All the items you'd expect to find in a c.v., plus links to to buy books, read papers, see award-winning viirtual art and videos, and more.


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Current Courses:

Approaches to Visual Culture

Digital Narrative Theory and Practice (required for Video Game Scoring Minor)

The Language of Film (Prerequisite: Intro to Film Scoring)

[and on Berklee Online: Game Design Principles]

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Lori Landay, Ph.D., blends creative and theoretical work in an exploration of the making of meaning in twentieth and twenty-first-century visual culture. She is Professor of Cultural Studies at Berklee College of Music, where she teaches Visual Culture and New Media, and other interdisciplinary courses. Her current project combines critical and creative work to explore subjectivity, presence, and the “virtual kino-eye” in the "new realities" of VR, AR, and immersive media, continuing the inquiry begun during her NEH Enduring Questions Grant for “What is Being?” in 2010-2012. 

One aspect of that larger project is the interactive art installation,  "ShadowLoop," for which she was awarded a Berklee Faculty Fellowship for 2013-14. For the academic year 2015-16, Lori pursued a sabbatical project, "The Animated Self," that combines traditional and digital animation techniques to explore the role of animation in how we express ourselves in everyday life. She is particularly interested in the intersection of animation and automation, which has led her to imagine how robots might use animation, or how she might use animation to express ideas about robots, such as in her animated short HouseSmarts or, Domestic Technology 2.1, which was an Official Selection of the 2014 Boston Science Fiction Film Festival.